October 4th, 2012Oktoberfest frames released!

Oktoberfest frames have been released!
You can view them in our Gallery at Occasions > Oktoberfest and create Oktoberfest/beer e-cards for your friends!


beer photo frame

Oktoberfest photo frame

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Add the following OktoberFest frames to your website in just minutes and let your visitors create unique framed photos for your favorite occasion!

Let your visitors share their OktoberFest photo memories with style!

You can add simple code to any of your web pages/blog/etc. and offer a unique service to your visitors similar to the example below:

OktoberFest frame 1511
Click here to frame your own photos with this frame!
OktoberFest frame 1512

Click here to frame your own photos with this frame!

Use any of the above links to create and send personalized E-Cards to your friends!


1. Download the thumbnail image of the frames to your PC:
(right-click on a link below and use the "Save As" option)

Download frame 1511 thumbnail (1st frame in example)
Download frame 1512 thumbnail (2nd frame in example)

2. Upload and add the thumbnails to your website/blog/etc., along with your accompanying text (see example text above)

3. Use the following URLs for both the image thumbnail and your "click here" links:

URL for frame 1511:

(copy the above URL as one ONE line!)

URL for frame 1512:

(copy the above URL as one ONE line!)

You are done!

Your visitors can now create stylish framed photos for your favorite occasion through your own website!

Note: While not required, you may also become an affiliate of our service and earn from 30% up to 45% in commissions for any purchases made by users coming from your web pages. For more info on this opportunity visit our Affiliate Program website.


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