Hello everyone! 

As it seems, this winter is cold enough. In many places around the globe the weather is snowy. Snow is so nice when it does not cause any problems and we can only enjoy the games on it. I believe that a lot of us enjoy playing on the snow, making snowmen or playing snowballing.

After we have enjoyed the games on the snow outside, its time to make a hot chocolate and decorate the pictures we took and share with our friends.

Below I have chosen some of our snow – snowman and snowflake photo frames we have in  Frameshow.com so you can get ideas to decorate your images and share with your friends through e-cards.

Snowballing photo frame.

snowballing photo frame

Dizzy snowman photo frame.

dizzy snowman photo frame

Frozen lake and snowstorm in park picture frame.

snowstorm picture frame  

Snowman image frame

snowman image frame

Snowflake photo frame.

snowflake photo frame

You can click on all the above images to start creating your photo frames and e-cards.


The Photo Frame Show Team.
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