We have launched a new Online Frame Gallery that includes a new and improved interface design, a series of new Frames (and average of 1,000 new frames) based on existing and new Categories and Subcategories, as well as enhanced search and display features which offer added value to the user's navigational experience.

New and improved interface design
We changed the look and feel of the Online Gallery and have made it an even more complete and user-friendly home base hosting an increasing amount of frames which you can use to enhance your digital photos with.

new frameshow interface

New Frames
We have added a series of new frames (average of 1,000) to the Frame Gallery. The new frames are based on new designs and advanced techniques which in turn offer you higher quality results. This has been achieved through a team of experienced and creative designers that use different techniques/styles in order to offer you a wide range of tasteful and high quality frames to add to your photos.


flower photo frame

mouse photo frame

Enhanced Features and Usability
We have taken our new system to the next level and have added a series of new features and usability options which offer added value to the user's navigational experience.
- You can search based on frame ID, category/subcategory, etc.
- You can preview the frame.
- You can use ANY FRAME YOU WANT and add it to a photo, edit, and send it as an e-card, in just a few clicks

The Photo Frame Show Team.
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