Hello everyone! 

Here are the steps you need to install, activate and login to your Photo FrameShow Desktop Application.

Step 1: Go to Photo FrameShow download page (http://www.frameshow.com/download-next-air.htm).

Step 2: You have 2 options Automated One-Step Install and Manual Install. We suggest you to go with the One-Step Automated install process.

Step 3: Click on Install Now and follow the steps to finish the installation.


Step 4: After you have installed Photo FrameShow Desktop Application you need to sign up for your Pro account. Go to http://www.frameshow.com and click on Sign Up.


On the window that appears, insert your Pro Account ID and click on Sign up.



Step 5: After you have Signed up for your Pro Account, you can open Photo FrameShow Desktop Application on your computer. Login so that you can have access to your purchased frames. Click on Login, insert your Username and Password and click the Login button.


After you have logged into the application, you are able to browse through the frames and create your framed photos. Then, you can save (export) the framed pictures you have created as PNG, JPG or BMP images on your computer.


The Photo Frame Show Team.
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