Hello everyone!

It's Monday once again. I guess we don't really like Mondays..as they are the beginning of each week so we get back to our routine.

Let's make Mondays go through somehow easier. We can send to our friends that are also at the office right now, some nice "Have a nice week" e-cards or maybe some "Let's go for coffee" ecards. Maybe, we could decorate a photo in a Happy/Funny frame so that we make some fun and forget Monday...

In Frameshow.com you can find a lot of Funny Photo Frames to create stunning e-cards or decorate your photos.

"Let's go for coffee", those of you that can take a break from office, just decorate this nice photo frame and send it as an e-card to your colleagues to take a break for a coffee.

coffee invitation ecard

Place a smiley photo of you in this photo frame and send it as an e-card to your friends.

have a nice day ecard 

Wish all your loved ones Good Morning by sending this cool photo frame. 

good morning photo frame   

Send this to your friends to invite them for a coffee after the office. 

coffee photo frame

You can click on all the above images to start creating your photo frames and e-cards.


The Photo Frame Show Team.
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